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Instead of going on a carefully-planned trip, travel wherever your heart desires.Embark on a journey of freedom to a special place of luxury.

Miyako-jima, located approximately 300 km southwest of Okinawa Island,and boasting some of the clearest, bluest oceans in the world,never ceases to captivate visitors.
The luxury private villa "Grand Bleu Gamin" is located about 15 minutes by car from Miyako Airport. The villa accommodates only 5 parties per day. All rooms are equipped with a private pool. The utmost consideration has been given to providing a comfortable and liberating environment. The villa offers a restaurant and bar which serves French cuisine prepared with local ingredients, and a spa.
Enjoy a luxurious trip that is solely about comfort and relaxation. Forget the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse yourself in the slow rhythms of island life.

private villa

Savor exquisite French cuisine.

French cuisine

Enjoy teppanyaki-grilled full-course French cuisine at our restaurant. Bask in the deliciously refined French flavors that only a restaurant operated by the GAMIN Group of Tokyo can offer, here in Miyako-jima.


Indulge in a deep, relaxing sleep

relaxing sleep

Enjoy a deep, high-quality sleep, and awaken feeling refreshed and reborn. We provide our guests with the best linen, bedding, and sleepwear, for the supreme sleep experience.

A deluxe, private environment

private environment

We offer the "exceptional experience" of a luxury hotel, coupled with the "soothing relaxation" that only a private villa can provide. Here, we offer the best of both worlds for the ultimate luxury experience.

Our guest rooms

We have 5 guest rooms and 3 types of room.

Our villa has 5 guest rooms. There are 3 types of room, with each designed to provide an open feel and featuring its own private pool, so you can swim whenever you like.

Room type

Room type A
Superior Suite

Superior Suite

We have 2 superior suites, recommended for parties of 1 to 2 persons. Constructed in a spacious, fully-accessible layout, and allowing complete freedom, with the bedroom, living room, and pool linked in a seamless design.

    Superior Suite

    Superior Suite

    Superior Suite

Room type B
Deluxe Suite

Superior Suite

Our deluxe suite is a duplex room with a separate living room and bedroom. We have 2 of these rooms available, recommended for parties of 1 to 2 persons. Guests can enjoy the southern breeze which blows across Miyako-jima from the 2nd-floor terrace.

    Deluxe Suite

    Deluxe Suite

    Deluxe Suite

Room type C
Premium Suite

Premium Suite

A 3-room suite with 2 bedrooms and a separate living room. Enjoy the comfort of your own private pool, seamlessly linked with the living room. The premium suite is an expansive space, perfect for families or groups of friends.

    Premium Suite

    Premium Suite

    Premium Suite

private pool

All guest rooms are equipped with a private pool. When not enjoying the beautiful ocean of Miyako-jima, you can dive into your own pool in complete privacy and without a care in the world.



For dinner, guests can enjoy a full-course French meal, prepared with select ingredients sourced domestically and locally from Miyako-jima, served in an exciting and lively teppanyaki-grill-style atmosphere. Indulge in fresh, delectable recommendations prepared with ingredients of the day. You are certain to be satisfied with the delicious flavors of a once-in-a-lifetime feast, at this extraordinary resort. Enjoy sincere and thoughtful hospitality, with deliciously refined French flavors that only a restaurant operated by Tokyo's GAMIN Group can offer.

Bar Floor

Bar Floor

After dinner, we have a space prepared for you to relax and enjoy a fine after-dinner refreshment. We have counter seats, as well as terrace seating available, where you can savor the cool Miyako-jima breeze. Let yourself be completely taken away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and listen to the soothing sounds of the waves. Enjoy the nighttime part of your southern tropical island experience.


Our villa is equipped with a spa to make your stay even more comfortable and pleasant. From the oils in our treatment processes, to the products we provide, we are dedicated to using natural ingredients. Enjoy a relaxing experience so luxurious and blissful that it is beyond description.


Grand Bleu Gamin

1064-1 Nikadori Hirara, Miyako-jima, Okinawa
Approximately 15 minutes by car from Miyako Airport
Guest rooms
5 guest rooms
Superior suite: 2 rooms/63.94㎡ (1 bedroom/private pool)
Deluxe suite: 2rooms/93.14㎡ (1 bedroom/private pool)
Premium suite: 1room/107.29㎡ (2 bedrooms/private pool)
*¥65,000 and up (superior suite room rate for 2 persons, includes dinner, excluding taxes and service fees)
Facilities overview
10 counter seats/2 private rooms (6 persons/4 persons)/Detached room7seats
20 seats
1 treatment room (2 beds)
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